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Submersible Wastewater Pumps

Serie D

Serie D
These submersible pumps are specially designed for heavy duty in lifting waste waters without supervision. They are ideal for draining excavation, building, mining, industry, dealing with floods and for use on board ship. They will solve problems of pumping, even when water contains mud and sand.

The main advantage of installations are that they do not need priming to work either totally or partly submerged. It can run dry for short periods. They require no pipework as a hose will suffice. It can carry on working both day and night without interruption or danger. They do not need foot valve. No greasing is necessary. They are easily transportable due to lighweight. The exchange of the most rapidly worm parts can be done quickly and easily on sit without specialised mechanics.

Stregth and lightweight have been comnined in the desing. The motor housing and the body of the pump are made from silumin, depending of models, resisting both corrosion and saline water the motor threephane and windings are specially treated against humidity.

Also incorporated are various systems to fully guarantee a complete motor sealing. A double carbon tugsten mechanical seal to resist abrasion. An oil camber between the motor and the pump. A fully sealed terminal housing, whereby if the cable is wrenched, through carelessness, water will still not penetrate the windings. The impeller, which is situated at the lowest part of the unit for complete water evacuation, is made from a very hard, wear resistant alloy. It has a fluted desing to avoid obstructions. The interior of the pump housing is coated in special rubber to avoid the easy wear of abrasive impurities in the water. Except D750-1000-1500 and 2000.
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